Dog Walking

£12.50 (£20 for two dogs) I collect dog’s from their own home and then take them for a 1 hour walk alongside other friendly dogs. They are taxied in my modern van fitted with comfy cages and air-con.

Puppy Care

£6 per visits) If your puppy is still going through its inoculations I can visit your puppy in your home, let them play in garden, feed and spend some time with them.

Professional Dog Walker

I have been working as a dog walker for the last few years and still cannot believe that I get to do something I love everyday. Having a life long passion for dogs I feel so lucky to be able to make a career looking after and caring for them.


I do pack walks of around four dogs at a time. The walk will be an hour and are off-road in the woods where there is room to run off some energy but also by rivers & lochs for some swimming time.


Once your puppy gets a little older I can introduce them to the other very friendly dogs I walk and take them out for fun mini group walks to help them socialise and get used to the other dogs which will help gradually wean them into adult walks.

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